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  • Homesitters

    Homesitters poster

    At first appearance Annabelle looks like a respectable young lady - just the sort you would trust to take good care of your house while on holiday. However, when joined by dozy boyfriend Simon all hell breaks loose with hilarious consequences. A homeowner's worst nightmare!

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    • Stewart O'Reilly
    • Ameila Newbould
  • The Murderers

    Joseph wakes to a grisly sight and discovers that a company calling themselves 'the Murderers' have set their sights on him.

    Choosing to protect his old friend Ramona, a reclusive artist, Joseph returns to his former territory to seek the assistance of a ruthless employer from his past.

    Unsure as to who is behind 'The Murderers' Joseph attempts to shield Ramona from threatening taunts and a dwindling sense of control only to have his grip on events become even more hopeless.

    He must face his demons. And the past hates things being left unfinished.

    Vengeance can be murder.

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    • Joe McGann
    • Abigail Davies

    An agoraphobic internet worker tries to survive the intimidations of a psycho and the seductive lures of a starlet in his computer system.

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    • Stewart O'Reilly
    • Nicola Posener
    • Amersackie Osakonor
    • Penelope Granycome
    • Raquel Cassidy
  • id-iology

    Following an angry young dominatrix, an obsessive and a sweet young masochist, id-iology is a film about relationships without any romance, love and affection. F**k Love, Actually.

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    • Lizanne Tulip
    • Richard Crawley
    • Amelia Newbould
    • Chris Polick
    • Penelope Granycome
    • Stewart O'Reilly
    • Lynette Creane
    • Claire Storey